Dear friends and customers, we are closed in until further notice. No new orders will be accepted. Thank you for your support and patience!

Yuan Xin’s Standard Buffet is a hit with our customers, especially for functions like birthday celebrations, company events and housewarming parties. Let us worry about the food while you enjoy your party!

The Standard Buffet package includes table arrangements, food warmers and even complimentary drinks!

* Delivery charge of $50


Please select one item from each category
Sinchew Beehoon 星 洲 米 粉
Yangchow Fried Rice 杨 洲 炒 饭
Mee Goreng 马 来 炒 麵
Luo Han Vegetables 罗 汉 斋
Curry Vegetables 咖 哩 菜
Kai Lan With Oyster Sauce 蠔 油 芥 兰
Deep Fried Spring Roll 炸 春 卷
Deep Fried Wan Ton 炸 云 吞
Deep Fried Curry Samosa 咖 哩 角
Sweet & Sour Fillet 酸 甜 鱼 片
Black Pepper Fillet 黑 椒 鱼 片
Sweet Vinegar Fillet 糖 醋 鱼 片
Curry Chicken 咖 哩 鸡
Fried Chicken Cubes With Dried Chilli 宫 保 鸡 丁
"San Bei" Chicken Cubes 三 杯 鸡 丁
Braised Beancurd 红 烧 豆 腐
Sambal Beancurd 参 峇 豆 腐
"Ma Po" Beancurd 麻 婆 豆 腐
Deep Fried Pork Roll 炸 五 香 卷
Siew Mai 素 烧 卖
Steamed Prawn Dumpling 蒸 水 餃
Longan Fungus Soup 龙 眼 雪 耳
Sea Coconut With Longan 龍 眼 海 底 椰
Red Bean Soup 红 豆 沙
Complimentary Drink 附 送 饮 料
DELUXE ($14/PAX - MIN. 30 PAX)

Please select one item from each category
Hong Kong Noodle 香 港 麵
Assorted Beehoon 什 锦 米 粉
Pineapple Fried Rice 黄 梨 炒 饭
Mushroom With Broccoli 双 菇 扒 兰 花
Beancurd With Broccoli 魚 豆 腐 芥 蘭 花
Assorted Mushroom Delights 七 彩 素 菇
Sweet & Sour Pork 咕 噜 肉
Curry Mutton 咖 哩 羊 肉
Roast Pork Ribs 红 烧 排 骨
Sesame Chicken 芝 麻 素 鸡
Tender Chicken 香 滑 鸡
Deep Fried Golden Stick 黄 金 棒
Rendang Chicken 忍 当 鸡
Vegetarian Kidney With Dried Chilli 宫 保 腰 花
Black Pepper Pork Chop 黑 椒 肉 扒
Deep Fried Prawn Ball 炸 虾 球
Sambal Prawn 参 峇 虾
Salad Prawn 沙 律 虾
Thai Style Fish 泰 式 魚 片
Sesame Fish 芝 麻 鱼 片
Crispy Fish Fillet 香 脆 魚 柳
Premium Longan Fungus Soup 特 制 龙 眼 雪 耳
Honey Bird Nest 海 底 燕 窩

Complimentary Drink 附 送 饮 料

Please select one item from each category
Fried Rice With Ham 火 腿 炒 饭
Mushroom Yu Mee 香 菇 伊 麵
Hokkien Mee 福 建 面
Deep Fried Chicken Nugget 素 麦 金 鸡
Oatmeal Abalone Mushroom 麦 片 鲍 鱼 菇
Sesame Abalone Mushroom 芝 麻 鲍 鱼 片*
Monkey Head Mushroom With Dried Chilli 宫 保 猴 头 菇
Sweet & Sour Monkey Head Mushroom 酸 甜 猴 头 菇
Salad Monkey Head Mushroom 沙 律 猴 头 菇
Braised Sea Cucumber 红 烧 海 参
Abalone With Brocolli 素 鲍 鱼 芥 兰 花
Sharkfin Soup 冬 菇 素 翅
Crispy Yam Ring 芋 头 圈
Teriyaki 烤 肉 串
Yuan Xin Signature Duck 圆 心 招 牌 素 鸭
Barbeque Fish 烧 烤 鱼
Butter Prawn 牛 油 虾
Cereal Prawn 麦 片 虾
Yuan Xin Otah 圓 心 烏 打
Pork Ribs With XO Sauce XO 酱 排 骨
Scallop With Barbecue Sauce 烧 汁 干 贝
Honey Bird Nest With Longan 海 底 燕 窝 加 龙 眼
Bobo Chacha 摩 摩 喳 喳
Complimentary Drink 附 送 饮 料
* May served as cold dish.
SUPREME (S$22.00/PAX - MIN. 25 PAX)

Please select one item from each category
Nasi Briyani 黄姜饭
Black Pepper Udon 黑椒乌冬面
Yuan Xin Vegetarian Tender Chicken 圆心香滑鸡
Special Braised Fragnant Chicken 南乳香鸡
San Bei Monkey Head Mushroom 三杯猴头菇
Braised Pork Belly Bun 扣肉包
Grilled Unagi 日式烤鳗
Golden Roe 日式鱼子
Stewed Pork Tenderloin 腊味燻蹄
Premium Sliced Turkey Ham 雪花火腿片
King Oyster Mushroom With Dried Chilli 宫保杏鲍菇
Honey Glazed Mushroom 蜜烤蘑菇
Fo Tiao Qiang ( Premium Vegetable Dish ) 佛跳牆
Curry Fish 咖哩鱼
Lotus Yam Paste 白果芋泥
Ginseng Bird Nest 泡参燕窝
Complimentary Drink 附送饮料
Terms & Conditions
1. A complete buffet layout, including table, table cloth and skirting will be provided.
2. All foods will be served in warmers.
3. Serviettes, disposable plates, cups, disposable cutlery, chili and garbage bags will be provided.
4. Complimentary drink will be provided.
5. A S$50 delivery surcharge applies for orders catered for fewer than 50 pax.
6. Prices are subject to change.
7. All dishes in menu are subject to changes depending on availability of stock.

Kindly note:
* Collection time should be within 3 hours upon arrival due to the NEA rules that caterers have to adhere to.
* We would not be able to provide takeaway boxes for the leftover food in accordance to the NEA rule that the food is unsafe for consumption after the time of collection.
* No extension of collection time as NEA requires that food has to be consume within 4 hours.