Dear friends and customers, we are closed in until further notice. No new orders will be accepted. Thank you for your support and patience!

Nursing a headache over planning meals for your family? Let Yuan Xin make every meal a delight with our dinner delivery services! We will deliver your dinner to your home daily, so you and your loved ones can enjoy delicious, fuss-free vegetarian dinners. We only need a day’s notice to start delivery.

* Dinner delivery menu is subject to changes
* Choice of 3 dishes + 1 soup, or 4 dishes meal set
Kindly note that the menu below is only a guideline of the dinner menu.

2 Pax @ S$260 per order of 20 working days
3 Pax @ S$340 per order of 20 working days
4 Pax @ S$410 per order of 20 working days
5 Pax @ S$480 per order of 20 working days
* Add on charge of $20.00 for 4 dish *
Surcharge of $10 for all tingkat dinner delivery to condominums.
To place order, please SMS/Whatsapp 96288142 (Joanne) or 96930662 (Jimmy).


Deep Fried Spring Roll 炸 春 卷
Peanut Soup 花 生 汤
Prawns With Assorted Vegetables 什 锦 虾 仁
Fried Snow Peas With Beancurd 豆 士 豆 腐
Fried Chinese Lettuces 炒 白 菜
Mushroom With Oyster Sauce 蚝 油 香 菇
Melon Soup 冬 瓜 汤
Kidney With Salted Vegetables 酸 菜 炒 腰 片
Spicy Fillet 辣 味 鱼 片
Fried French Beans 四 季 豆
Sweet And Sour Beancurd Skin 酸 甜 豆 包
Corn Soup 玉 粟 汤
Deep Fried Prawn 炸 虾 球
Assorted Beans In Tomato Sauce 什 锦 茄 汁 豆
Xiao Bai Chye 小 白 菜
Braised Yong Tao Fu 红 烧 豆 腐
Fish Ball Soup 鱼 丸 汤
Crispy Cuttlefish 酥 炸 鲜 尤
Black Pepper Pork Chop 黑 椒 肉 扒
Sambal Brinjal 参 峇 茄 子
Braised Beancurd Skin 卤 豆 枝
Lotus Root Soup 莲 藕 汤
Kidney With Cashew Nuts 碗 豆 炒 腰 花
Green Beans With Beancurd 青 豆 蚝 油 豆 干
Couliflowers 白 菜 花

San Bei Chicken Cubes 三 杯 鸡 丁
Herbal Soup 六 味 汤
Goose Meat With Capsicum 青 椒 鹅 片
Braised Beancurd 红 烧 豆 腐
Cabbage With Vermicilli 包 菜 粉 丝
Fried Goose Skin 斋 鹅
Papaya Soup 木 瓜 汤
Cuttlefish With Celery 西 芹 炒 鲜 尤
Honey Pork Chop 蜜 汁 肉
Curry Vegetables 咖 哩 菜
Braised Meat Ball 红 烧 肉 丸
Vege Soup 西 洋 菜 汤
Assorted Vegetables With Vermiclli 什 锦 炒 粉 丝
Salted Vegetables With Cuttlefish 咸 菜 炒 鱼 片
Long Beans 菜 豆
Deep Fried Pork Roll 五 香 卷
Old Cucumber Soup 老 黄 瓜 汤
Ma Po Beancurd 麻 婆 豆 腐
Sliced Pork With Ginger 姜 片 肉 片
Chye Sim 菜 心
Tom Yam Fillet 冬 炎 鱼 片
Radish Soup 白 罗 卜 汤
Kidney With Vegetables 三 鲜 素 腰 片
Lemon Chicken 柠 檬 鸡
Luo Han Vegetables 罗 汉 斋

Beancurd With Ham 火 腿 豆 腐
Mushroom Corn Soup 冬 菇 粟 汤
Lucheon Meat 火 腿 藕 盒
Fillet With Oyster Sauce 酱 油 素 鱼
Green Vegetables 九 白 菜
Luo Han Guo 罗 汉 果
Herbal Soup 三 丝 汤
Braised Pork 卤 花 生 肉 碎
Curry Chicken 咖 哩 鸡
Brocolli 芥 兰 花
Assorted Sausage 什 锦 香 肠
Chicken With Fungus Soup 雪 耳 鸡 汤
Seaweed With Steamed Beancurd 紫 菜 酥 豆 腐
Pork Cubes With Oyster Sauce 蚝 油 肉 丁
Kang Kong 马 来 风 光
Yam Ball 芋 头 丸
Bak Kut Teh 肉 骨 茶 汤
Braised Sea Cucumber 红 烧 海 参
Sweet And Sour With Mock Meat 酸 甜 素 耳
Celery With Beancurd 西 芹 炒 豆 干
Fried Chicken Drumstick 炸 鸡 腿
SzeChuan Soup 酸 辣 汤
Celery Fried With Mock Intestine 西 芹 炒 大 肠
Sweet And Sour Pork 咕 噜 肉
Fried Melon In Strips 毛 瓜 粉 丝

Deep Fried Couliflower 素 炸 白 菜 花
Mock Meat Soup 素 肉 汤
Sambal Beancurd 参 峇 豆 干
Fillet With Vinegar 糖 醋 鱼 片
Beansprouts With Salted Vegetables 咸 菜 豆 牙
Satay 沙 爹 肉 片
Tang Gui Duck Soup 当 归 鸭 汤
Mixed Vegetables With Fried Lotus Root 什 锦 耦
Pineapple Fried With Pig Stomach 凤 梨 炒 猪 肚
Leafy Vegetables 蚝 油 小 白 菜
Prawn With Beancurd 虾 仁 豆 腐
Bamboo Shoots With Fungus Soup 竹 笙 银 耳 汤
Curry Mutton 咖 哩 羊 肉
Sweet Sauce Sausage 香 芝 素 肠
Mini Kai Lan 小 芥 兰
Fillet With Salted Vegetables 咸 菜 炒 鱼 片
Red Dates With Chicken Soup 红 枣 陈 皮 鸡 汤
Snow Peas Fried With Cuttlefish 碧 兰 鱿 鱼
Honey Char Siew 蜜 汁 叉 烧
French Bean 荷 兰 豆
Prawn Ball With Plum Sauce 梅 酱 玉 球
Bittergourd Soup 苦 瓜 汤
Chicken Cubes With Dried Chilli 宫 保 鸡 丁
Braised Mock Intestine 卤 大 肠
Szechuan Vegetables 四 川 菜
Terms & Conditions
1. White rice will be charged at 50 cents per packet.
2. Dinner delivery services contract will be for a period of 20 working days.
3. Payment to be made 1 working day before dinner delivery starts.
4. A notification period of three working days must be given prior to termination of dinner delivery service.
5. Food will be served in stainless steel tingkat carriers. (for 2 to 5 pax only)
6. Microwave safe box is available upon request at a surcharge of $20 for 20 working days term.