Nursing a headache over planning meals for your family? Let Yuan Xin make every meal a delight with our dinner delivery services! We will deliver your dinner to your home daily, so you and your loved ones can enjoy delicious, fuss-free vegetarian dinners. We only need a day’s notice to start delivery.

Due to tight schedules, we are only able to cover selective areas. To place order, please contact us via WhatsApp. Either Jimmy at 96930662 or Joanne at 96288142.

* Dinner delivery menu is subject to changes
* Choice of 3 dishes + 1 soup, or 4 dishes meal set
Kindly note that the menu below is only a guideline of the dinner menu.

2 Pax @ S$260 per order of 20 working days
3 Pax @ S$340 per order of 20 working days
4 Pax @ S$410 per order of 20 working days
5 Pax @ S$480 per order of 20 working days
Surcharge of $10 for all tingkat dinner delivery to condominums.
To place order, please SMS/Whatsapp 96288142 (Joanne) or 96930662 (Jimmy).


Deep Fried Spring Roll 炸 春 卷
Peanut Soup 花 生 汤
Prawns With Assorted Vegetables 什 锦 虾 仁
Fried Snow Peas With Beancurd 豆 士 豆 腐
Fried Chinese Lettuces 炒 白 菜
Mushroom With Oyster Sauce 蚝 油 香 菇
Melon Soup 冬 瓜 汤
Kidney With Salted Vegetables 酸 菜 炒 腰 片
Spicy Fillet 辣 味 鱼 片
Fried French Beans 四 季 豆
Sweet And Sour Beancurd Skin 酸 甜 豆 包
Corn Soup 玉 粟 汤
Deep Fried Prawn 炸 虾 球
Assorted Beans In Tomato Sauce 什 锦 茄 汁 豆
Xiao Bai Chye 小 白 菜
Braised Yong Tao Fu 红 烧 豆 腐
Fish Ball Soup 鱼 丸 汤
Crispy Cuttlefish 酥 炸 鲜 尤
Black Pepper Pork Chop 黑 椒 肉 扒
Sambal Brinjal 参 峇 茄 子
Braised Beancurd Skin 卤 豆 枝
Lotus Root Soup 莲 藕 汤
Kidney With Cashew Nuts 碗 豆 炒 腰 花
Green Beans With Beancurd 青 豆 蚝 油 豆 干
Couliflowers 白 菜 花

San Bei Chicken Cubes 三 杯 鸡 丁
Herbal Soup 六 味 汤
Goose Meat With Capsicum 青 椒 鹅 片
Braised Beancurd 红 烧 豆 腐
Cabbage With Vermicilli 包 菜 粉 丝
Fried Goose Skin 斋 鹅
Papaya Soup 木 瓜 汤
Cuttlefish With Celery 西 芹 炒 鲜 尤
Honey Pork Chop 蜜 汁 肉
Curry Vegetables 咖 哩 菜
Braised Meat Ball 红 烧 肉 丸
Vege Soup 西 洋 菜 汤
Assorted Vegetables With Vermiclli 什 锦 炒 粉 丝
Salted Vegetables With Cuttlefish 咸 菜 炒 鱼 片
Long Beans 菜 豆
Deep Fried Pork Roll 五 香 卷
Old Cucumber Soup 老 黄 瓜 汤
Ma Po Beancurd 麻 婆 豆 腐
Sliced Pork With Ginger 姜 片 肉 片
Chye Sim 菜 心
Tom Yam Fillet 冬 炎 鱼 片
Radish Soup 白 罗 卜 汤
Kidney With Vegetables 三 鲜 素 腰 片
Lemon Chicken 柠 檬 鸡
Luo Han Vegetables 罗 汉 斋

Beancurd With Ham 火 腿 豆 腐
Mushroom Corn Soup 冬 菇 粟 汤
Lucheon Meat 火 腿 藕 盒
Fillet With Oyster Sauce 酱 油 素 鱼
Green Vegetables 九 白 菜
Luo Han Guo 罗 汉 果
Herbal Soup 三 丝 汤
Braised Pork 卤 花 生 肉 碎
Curry Chicken 咖 哩 鸡
Brocolli 芥 兰 花
Assorted Sausage 什 锦 香 肠
Chicken With Fungus Soup 雪 耳 鸡 汤
Seaweed With Steamed Beancurd 紫 菜 酥 豆 腐
Pork Cubes With Oyster Sauce 蚝 油 肉 丁
Kang Kong 马 来 风 光
Yam Ball 芋 头 丸
Bak Kut Teh 肉 骨 茶 汤
Braised Sea Cucumber 红 烧 海 参
Sweet And Sour With Mock Meat 酸 甜 素 耳
Celery With Beancurd 西 芹 炒 豆 干
Fried Chicken Drumstick 炸 鸡 腿
SzeChuan Soup 酸 辣 汤
Celery Fried With Mock Intestine 西 芹 炒 大 肠
Sweet And Sour Pork 咕 噜 肉
Fried Melon In Strips 毛 瓜 粉 丝

Deep Fried Couliflower 素 炸 白 菜 花
Mock Meat Soup 素 肉 汤
Sambal Beancurd 参 峇 豆 干
Fillet With Vinegar 糖 醋 鱼 片
Beansprouts With Salted Vegetables 咸 菜 豆 牙
Satay 沙 爹 肉 片
Tang Gui Duck Soup 当 归 鸭 汤
Mixed Vegetables With Fried Lotus Root 什 锦 耦
Pineapple Fried With Pig Stomach 凤 梨 炒 猪 肚
Leafy Vegetables 蚝 油 小 白 菜
Prawn With Beancurd 虾 仁 豆 腐
Bamboo Shoots With Fungus Soup 竹 笙 银 耳 汤
Curry Mutton 咖 哩 羊 肉
Sweet Sauce Sausage 香 芝 素 肠
Mini Kai Lan 小 芥 兰
Fillet With Salted Vegetables 咸 菜 炒 鱼 片
Red Dates With Chicken Soup 红 枣 陈 皮 鸡 汤
Snow Peas Fried With Cuttlefish 碧 兰 鱿 鱼
Honey Char Siew 蜜 汁 叉 烧
French Bean 荷 兰 豆
Prawn Ball With Plum Sauce 梅 酱 玉 球
Bittergourd Soup 苦 瓜 汤
Chicken Cubes With Dried Chilli 宫 保 鸡 丁
Braised Mock Intestine 卤 大 肠
Szechuan Vegetables 四 川 菜
Terms & Conditions
1. White rice will be charged at 50 cents per packet.
2. Dinner delivery services contract will be for a period of 20 working days.
3. Payment to be made 1 working day before dinner delivery starts.
4. A notification period of three working days must be given prior to termination of dinner delivery service.
5. Food will be served in stainless steel tingkat carriers. (for 2 to 5 pax only)
6. Microwave safe box is available upon request at a surcharge of $20 for 20 working days term.